• finding-the-routine

    The Out-Of-The-Box Homeschool Routine

    First, Accept that school is not home. Home is not school. Curriculum in the school setting takes hours. Curriculum in the home setting takes a fraction of that time. Schools use a schedule … homes follow a routine. Digest that, and you'll be ahead of the game!

  • how-to-make-dad

    How to Make a Homeschool Dad

    Every popular television show in the last two decades perpetuated the dorky dad motif — the bumbling, goofy husband who means well but seems essentially incapable of overcoming the shadow of his uber-capable wife. King of Queens, Home Improvement, Everybody Loves Raymond — they all feature the same dad. Not surprisingly, my wife says that the clumsy boy she married tries really hard at being a homeschool dad but is probably making things up as he goes. It’s a circus, she says. And she’s absolutely right. Maybe pop culture has a point? If COVID-19 has a sunny-side, it’s that families are slowly re-acquainting themselves with the home and what it means to be home.  As an August without school…