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Meet Nate “Tano”

I can boil life down to my family, skateboarding, music, travel, and food.

Nate Tano Ribs

I think I’ve always related to these because of the art and creativity that goes into them. I’m not sure if it’s the therapeutic and creative release, there’s something magnetic about the idea of creating something awesome for people.

Nat Tano Skateboard

Next to my beautiful wife and two kids, there isn’t much more rewarding than the idea of making something delicious to eat. It is so rewarding, and you can put so much passion and love into it! Food has no boundaries … there’s literally nothing you can’t do.

My goal is to find and create simple, amazing food that makes people get excited while shaking up the norm. I think we forget that food can be healthy but still tasty. Food can be fun, comforting — it’s the stuff that creates memories. Check back often for dishes you can make for your family, too!

Nate Tano Ribs

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